Shogi: Folding Board with Engraved Wood Tiles

Shogi: Folding Board with Engraved Wood Tiles (Clearance)

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The game of Shogi is played on a board of 81 squares (9 x 9). The pieces for each player consist of 9 Footsoldiers (Pawns), 2 Lances, 2 Honorable Horses (Knights), 2 Silver Generals, 2 Gold Generals, 1 Dragon (Bishop), 1 Flying Chariot (Rook), and 1 Jewelled General (King). The aim is to put the opponent's King into a position such that the opposing player can do nothing to avoid the King being taken next turn.

The fascinating facet of the game that makes Shogi a superior Chess variety, in many people's minds, is the fact that pieces are allowed to re-enter the game. Aside from maintaining the complexity of the game, it also means that there is no concept of Stalemate or agreed draws in Shogi. A player with one or more captured pieces can opt to drop a captured piece onto the board instead of moving at any point in the game.

1 Wooden Folding Board
40 Wooden Player Pieces
1 Rulesheet

Ages: 8+
Players: 2
Game Length: 60 minutes

• Grid Movement
• Pattern Movement
• Square Grid