Sorcerer City

Sorcerer City

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Manufacturer: Skybound Entertainment

Entire city blocks built by magical forces. Buildings rotating in crazy directions. Neighborhoods forming and reforming in the quest for prestige. Welcome to Sorcerer City!

  •BUILD! As a city-building wizard, you have two minutes to place your tiles and build a magical city to produce magic, money, and influence. But beware! Monsters are lurking in the city and may disrupt your plans.

  •BUY! Purchase powerful new tiles and magical abilities to use as you tear down your city and rebuild it bigger and better each year

  •SCORE! Use your Magic, Money, and Influence to earn Prestige. Can you rise to become the most prestigious sorcerer in Sorcerer City?

313 Game Tiles
62 Cards
Market & Influence Reward Boards
6 Annual Progress Tracks
24 Annual Progress Markers
24 Annual Progress Tokens
80 Prestige Tokens
1 Rulebook
1 Sand Timer

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-6
Game Length: 45-60 minutes