Speedpaint: Most Wanted Set 2.0

Speedpaint: Most Wanted Set 2.0

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Manufacturer: Army Painter

The Most Wanted Paint Set includes all the original 24 Speedpaint colours that were found in the Original Speedpaint Mega Paint Set reformulated for superior speed and performance.

Using an innovative resin medium that flows perfectly over your miniatures, Speedpaints create an unparalleled painting solution to help you get more time for gaming.

All Speedpaints come with two high-grade, rust-proof stainless steel Mixing Balls already loaded in the bottle, making it easier for you to get the perfect consistency.

24 Paints (18ml)
  ‣ Speedpaint Medium
  ‣ Slaughter Red
  ‣ Bright Red
  ‣ Murder Scene
  ‣ Purple Swarm
  ‣ Familiar Pink
  ‣ Dark Wood
  ‣ Nuclear Sunrise
  ‣ Zealot Yellow
  ‣ Warrior Skin
  ‣ Crusader Skin
  ‣ Pallid Bone
  ‣ Forest Sprite
  ‣ Gravelord Grey
  ‣ Tidal Wave
  ‣ Beowulf Blue
  ‣ Plasmatic Bolt
  ‣ Absolution Green
  ‣ Shamrock Green
  ‣ Desolate Brown
  ‣ Holy White
  ‣ Grim Black
  ‣ Hoplite Gold
  ‣ Broadsword Silver
1 Brush
1 Painting Guide