Spire RPG: Strata

Spire RPG: Strata


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Manufacturer: Rowan, Rook and Decard

The Best and Worst that Spire Has to Offer

Spire is an impossible city: decrepit, mile-high, wicked and wretched, glorious and profane. Within its crumbling walls, cruel high-elf overlords rule the subjugated dark elf race from palaces of scintillating everfrost, denying them every freedom. Sympathisers preen and pose in decrepit grandeur or gaudy excess. In the forsaken undercity, in ramshackle workhouse communities, in speakeasy churches to prohibited gods, the dark elves gather and plot to overthrow their colonisers.

You are those dark elves, and Spire is your city. What will your destroy to get what is rightfully yours?

Strata delves deeper into the world of Spire, and includes:

 • Two new classes: the purple-prose black-magic Inksmith and the identity-shifting Shadow Agent

 • Loads of new extra advances, such as the rebellious Gazetteer, the language-hunting Lexicutioner, and abilities to represent each of the nine noble houses of the drow

 • Ten scenarios by a wide variety of writers, letting you start a game faster than ever

 • Extensive details on the richest and poorest districts in Spire

 • New weapons and equipment for use in High and Low Society

236 pages

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Spire RPG: The City Must Fall Corebook is required to play.