Super Dungeon Explore: Nyan-Nyan Expansion (Revised)

Super Dungeon Explore: Nyan-Nyan Expansion (Revised) (Last Chance)

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Manufacturer: Soda Pop Miniatures

None know if Nyan-Nyan is a title or the name of this feisty lioness, and is Nyan-Nyan the Chaos Kitty, or is the Chaos Kitty Nyan-Nyan? Possessing the mercurialness of a hyper kitten, the only thing that can be guaranteed is mayhem follows in the wake of both.

1 Nyan-Nyan Assembled Model
1 Nyan-Nyan Hero Card
2 Chaos Kitty Mini-Boss Cards
1 Cat's Paw Treasure Card

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-6
Game Length: 90-120 minute

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King is required to play.


• Action Points
• Dice Rolling
• Partnerships
• Variable Player Powers
• Variable Phase Order
• Modular Board