Star Wars: Legion - Range Troopers

Star Wars: Legion - Range Troopers

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Manufacturer: Atomic Mass Games

"Trespassers on the vehicle! Fan out and eliminate!" -Captain Banevans

Range Troopers are specialized stormtroopers sent to frontier worlds across the galaxy that have recently come under Imperial control. Trained to work in a variety of climates and terrains, Range Troopers make use of specialized equipment such as heavy-duty magnetic boots to accomplish their missions. This equipment only accentuates the bravery, tenacity, and toughness of the handful of stormtroopers that make it into the ranks of Range Troopers as they are called upon to control uprisings and rebellions from hostile local civilians with little to no backup.

This expansion contains 7 Range Trooper miniatures along with new unit and upgrade cards to field in battle.

Plastic components.

7 Miniatures
1 Unit Card
3 Upgrade Cards
1 Token Sheet
1 Insert Sheet

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly are required.

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