Star Wars Villainous: Scum & Villainy

Star Wars Villainous: Scum & Villainy

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Manufacturer: Ravensburger

Evil for Hire

Meet your destiny as Star Wars' Boba Fett, Seventh Sister, or Cad Bane. Wield your sinister influence and unique abilities to manipulate events in your favor. Are you powerful and clever enough to fulfill your dark destiny before your opponents?

Choose Your Villain - Play with Boba Fett, Seventh Sister, or Cade Bane, or mix and match with Villains from other Star Wars Villainous games.

Control Your Sector - Explore your sector to earn Credits, recruit allies, deploy ships, and set obstacles in the way of your opponents.

Fulfill Your Destiny - Achieve your Objective before the other Villains to defeat them! Every Villain uses unique abilities and strategies to win.

3 Sectors
3 Villain Movers
90 Villain Cards
45 Fate Cards
75 Tokens
3 Villain Guides
3 Reference Cards

Ages: 10+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 20 minutes per player

This game can be played on its own or combined with other Star Wars Villainous sets.

• Hand Management
• Take That
• Variable Player Powers