Suspects: Eternal Detective Claire Harper

Suspects: Eternal Detective Claire Harper

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In this second chapter of the Suspects line, players embody detective Claire Harper at different stages in her life: from her school days, to tranquil Swiss lakes, as well as the first post-war Olympic Games!

Claire Harper was born in 1910. She is an avid reader of Agatha Christie, a world traveller, and more British than 5 o'clock tea. Oxford University admitted her after implementing quotas for female students in 1927. She followed in her father's footsteps and graduated with the key to unlocking her dreams: a degree in criminal law. Now Claire Harper investigates, observes, discovers, and thwarts. There's no mystery that is too twisted for her brilliant mind, no case that's too hard for her to crack. Claire Harper isn't just a detective. She's the very best.

In each chapter of Suspects, you will read Clue cards to progress through the plot like a book, discuss and reason amongst yourselves, and form hypotheses. Your goal is to score the most points when you answer the questions about the case. The "faster" you answer (i.e. having drawn and read as few Clue cards as possible), the more points you will score.

  • Shakespeare's Tears - Miss Doyle, the literature teacher, is dead! The police think Professor Guilbert is the culprit, but my friend Me-Lin is convinced otherwise. I need to know what happened at our school!

  • Dead on Arrival - What luck it is to attend the London Olympics! But one of the marathon runners seems to be hiding something. I'll have to follow the race by motorbike to untangle this mystery before the medal ceremony!

  • The Mystery of the Lady of the Lake - To think that I'd come to enjoy the calm tranquility of Switzerland . . . The body that was found in the lake this morning was a former employer of my friend Mei-Lin's foundation. So much for a happy reunion, but there is now way this mystery remains unsolved!"

162 Large Cards
3 Introduction Files
7 Maps & Documents
3 Solution Envelopes
1 Rulebook

Ages: 10+
Players: 1-6
Game Length: 90 minutes per chapter

• Cooperative Game
• Deduction
• Solo / Solitaire Game
• Storytelling