My City

My City

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Manufacturer: Thames and Kosmos

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After a long journey, you have finally arrived in a new land. You immediately start building and developing your city. Gold! Rich veins of gold have been discovered! And with the gold rush comes fierce competition. Before you know it, the time of industrialization is upon you. The first factories emerge, which leads to an enormous demand for resources. Mining becomes a lucrative source of income as tunnels are bored into the mountains. At long last, the railroad reaches your city, leading you to prosperity as you continue to develop valuable transportation and trading lines.

My City is a legacy game. This means that the game will change and evolve over time, as you play it. Each player has their own game board, which they will modify during each episode. Player choices and actions made during one episode carry over into the next, creating a personalized gaming experience. Three episodes form a chapter. Each chapter is supplied in a sealed envelope that will provide all of the rules and various materials you will need for that chapter. There are eight chapters in the game.

Over the course of 24 fascinating episodes, you will experience the rise and history of your city from its very beginning all the way to industrialization.

Also included is a version that can play again and again after you've finished the legacy game.

4 Double-sided Game Boards
96 Playing Pieces
24 Construction Cards
4 Scoring Tokens
8 Envelopes with Surprises
1 Rulebook

Ages: 10+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 30 minutes

• Enclosure
• Grid Coverage
• Tile Placement