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Tesseract @ 1:04:41

The Tesseract appeared in our skies six days ago, over the exact magnetic north of the planet. It was the size of a city block. Since that time, it has been condensing, collapsing upon itself. it can now fit in the palm of your hand.

Together, our world's best minds will either find a way to contain and control the reactions of this alien artifact, or its exponentially increasing destructive powers will remove our planet from existence, reconfiguring our space/time to the extra-dimensional needs of its creators.

Are we intelligent enough to shut down the Tesseract, or is humankind simply a blip in the grand scheme of the universe?

In this challenging cooperative, dice-manipulation game, a cube of 64 dice represents the TESSERACT. Your team will disarm it by taking cubes off the Tesseract, adjusting their values, transferring them between labs - and ultimately, isolating them into the Containment matrix.

To win, the matrix must be completely filled by a cube of each value and color, which shuts the artifact down. Remove the last cube or cause too many Breaches to occur - and you lose, destroying our world.

64 Dice
11 Researcher Character Cards
41 Research Cards
9 Containment Cards
4 Lab Mats
1 Breach Mat & Token
1 Dice Sleeve
1 Platform Board
1 Containment Board
2 Support Legs
4 Two-Sided Base Plates
1 Rotating Turntable

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 60 minutes


• Action Points
• Cooperative Game
• Set Collection
• Solo / Solitaire Game
• Sudden Death Ending
• Variable Player Powers