The Dragon's Hoard #27 (D&D 5E Compatible)

The Dragon's Hoard #27 (D&D 5E Compatible) (New Arrival)

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Manufacturer: Legendary Games

The Dragon's Hoard is a monthly anthology of magic items, spells, monsters, and more for your 5th Edition campaign! Each issue of The Dragon's Hoard takes every new magic item, spell, monster, or other new rules content from our ongoing Legendary Loot Patreon and presents it for you, with dozens of new elements beautifully illustrated and ready to unleash on your players!

In this month's features you'll find:

 •The Treasure Trove, featuring magnificent magical items like the bloodstone collar, dragon's eye staff, ring of hawkfire, and potion of shadow healing!

 •Basker's Books, featuring new spells for every 5E spellcasting class like doom harvester, rage against death, paradox, and steal dying breath!

 •Class Acts, featuring new class options for your 5E heroes like the aether domain and grail knight sacred oath and fantastic feats like Comprehend the Corrupted and Dark Power Adept!

 •Marvelous Monsters, featuring killer creatures across every challenge level like the devastating warmonger devil, the eerie polyphonic plasm, and the unstoppable steam-powered clockwork dragon.

24 pages