The Silver Bayonet: The Carpathians Castle Fier

The Silver Bayonet: The Carpathians Castle Fier

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High in the Carpathian Mountains stands the crumbling Castle Fier. Once home to a powerful warlord, the castle cast a dark shadow across the nearby villages, until crusaders attacked with sword and flame to put an end to its menace. Though history passed into folklore, the ruins of Castle Fier remained shunned by all as a cursed site. Now, horrors have been seen moving at night. An army gathers. Something has awoken in the ruins. With the political situation in the surrounding region becoming increasingly unstable, France, Prussia, Britain, and the other powers have dispatched their best agents to investigate the ruins, eliminate any threats, and acquire any treasures that could prove useful in the ongoing fight against the harvestmen and each other.

The Carpathians: Castle Fier is a supplement for The Silver Bayonet: A Wargame of Napoleonic Gothic Horror, in which the special units must fight their way through the ruins of a menacing haunted castle. It features two campaigns, one competitive and one for solo or cooperative play, as well as new monsters to fight, soldiers to recruit, and treasure to unearth.

This is not a stand-alone game. This is an accessory for The Silver Bayonet: Rulebook (Hardcover).