Time Division

Time Division (New Arrival)

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No one knew when it began, but suddenly two timelines merged. And two time agencies came into being. It is impossible to tell which of the two is the original, and the denizens of the animalverse have been left to wonder whether both are working for the good, or if perhaps one harbors a darker agenda?

Either way, there are now two entities manipulating the flow of time to their own advantage.

Take charge of your destiny as one of two competing time agencies. Gather influential characters during 3 crucial eras (Ancient Egypt, the Dark Ages, and the 1980's) to dominate the timeline and ensure your continued existence!

1 Game Board
1 Metal Coin
60 Character Cards
2 Card Platforms
1 VP Token
1 Overview Sheet
1 Rulebook

Ages: 12+
Players: 2
Game Length: 20-60 minutes

• Deck Construction
• Scenario / Mission / Campaign Game
• Turn Order: Stat-Based