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Manufacturer: Bitewing Games

Trailblazers are the gutsy folks who pave and brave the trails of the great outdoors. Whether by hiking boots, cycling wheels, or river paddle, these tenacious travelers seek to feed their insatiable appetite for adventure. With a scenic wilderness ever ahead and a freshly charted path upon the heels, one mustn't forget to eventually find their way back to camp. For there are always new environments to explore, further expeditions to undertake, and more trails to blaze.

  • Puzzle together hiking, biking, and kayaking loops

  • Easy to learn, challenging to master

  • Mix it up with 2 included expansions

  • Test your skills across 3 addicting solo modes

339 Cards
120 Wooden Animal Tokens
24 Wooden Traveler Tokens
42 Wooden Campfire Tokens
1 Animal Token Tray
1 Score Pad
2 Rulebooks
1 Achievement Sheet

Ages: 8+
Players: 1-8
Game Length: 30 minutes