Tenpenny Parks

Tenpenny Parks

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Manufacturer: Thunderworks Games

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At dawn, the trumpets sound, Mayor Tenpenny's shovel breaks ground, and the race is on! YOu have five months to transform the humble town of Fairview into the home of the worlds' greatest theme parks. Gather your team of bankers, realtors, contractors, builders, and arborists.

Inspire thrill, awe, and joy in your guests to earn their tickets, for whoever holds the most at the end of the race will be awarded Fairview's Golden Key!

1 Game Board
1 Carousel
1 Carousel Ring
1 Rulebook
4 Property Boards
12 Expansion Boards
54 Cards
13 Workers
35 Attraction Tiles
40 Concession Tiles
70 VP Tokens
12 Emotions Discs
56 Money Tokens
50 Tree Markers
1 Month Marker
1 Shovel Token

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 45-75 minutes

• Income
• Set Collection
• Tile Placement
• Worker Placement