Warpaint Armour 1: Armour of the Eastern Front 1941-1945 (Softcover)

Warpaint Armour 1: Armour of the Eastern Front 1941-1945 (Softcover)

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German & Soviet Armor from the Barbarossa to the Fall of Berlin

The titanic struggle on the Eastern Front during World War II witnessed the largest tank-versus-tank battles in the history of warfare. The conflict spawned an unprecedented array of AFV's, from the IS-2 and King Tiger tanks, to the diminutive armored cars and halftracks employed by both sides.

This book, the first in an exciting new series, looks in detail at some of the armored fighting vehicles employed by the protagonists on the Eastern Front between 1941 and 1945. From the Tiger-slaying IS-2 heavy tank to the various armored cars employed by the Red Army, each article provides a unique historical perspective, well illustrated by rare archival photos, and with individual vehicles illustrated in color profiles.

On top of this superb reference material, a modelling gallery displays some of the most inspirational Eastern Front models from the pages of Military Modelcraft International.

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