Hostage Negotiator: Crime Wave

Hostage Negotiator: Crime Wave

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Manufacturer: Van Ryder Games

There has been a rash of crime in recent months. The importance of having a good hostage negotiator has never been more critical to the department. That is where you come in.

In this follow-up to the acclaimed Hostage Negotiator solitaire game, this stand-alone expansion can serve as a fully playable introduction or expand upon existing content. With its unique tension-filled game play, you will feel the pressure as you try to save the hostages and end the crisis.

Hostage Negotiator: Crime Wave comes with new Conversation cards, Terror cards, larger dice, new hostage pieces, and more! Plus, the larger sized box is built to contain all the the current Hostage Negotiator content with additional room for future expansions!

22 Conversation Cards
21 Red Terror Cards
6 Gold Pivotal Event Terror Cards
6 Major Demand Cards
5 Escape Demand Cards
3 Abductor Cards
1 Second in Command Card
20 Hostage Pieces
10 Alert Markers
1 Threat Level Marker
30 Card Dividers
5 Custom Dice
1 Conversation Point Marker
1 Rulebook
1 Abductor Pack Rulebook
1 Hostage Negotiator Board

Ages: 15+
Players: 1
Game Length: 15-30 minutes

This game can be played on its own or combined with Hostage Negotiator for enhanced play.

• Card Drafting
• Dice Rolling
• Hand Management