Scooby Doo: Betrayal at Mystery Mansion

Scooby Doo: Betrayal at Mystery Mansion

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What's going on at Mystery Manor? Scooby-Doo an the Gang will find out what's going on!

Playing as one of the members of Mystery Inc., you explore Mystery Mansion and its grounds, uncover clues, encounter strange occurrences, and maybe even catch sight of a creepy creature!

When you find enough Clues to help solve the mystery, that's when the Haunt starts, and one player will switch sides to play the role of the Monster! Will you be able to stop them before they carry out their sinister plan?

Based on the award-winning board game Betrayal at House on the Hill, Betrayal at Mystery Manor offers 25 brand-new haunts that are based on popular Scooby-Doo episodes and movies. Every time you play, it's a new game - making it the perfect family board game addition.

1 Rulebook
1 Secrets of Survival
1 Monster's Tome
28 Tiles
5 Character Cards & Standees
  ‣ Scooby-Doo
  ‣ Shaggy
  ‣ Velma
  ‣ Daphne
  ‣ Fred
5 Plastic Bases
1 Timer Track
100 Tokens
8 Dice
10 Clue Cards
25 Event Cards
14 Item Cards
5 Mystery Cards
25 Plastic Clips

Ages: 8+
Players: 3-5
Game Length: 25-50 minutes


• Dice Rolling
• Grid Movement
• Modular Board
• Role Playing
• Storytelling
• Tile Placement