World Wonders: Mundo Expansion

World Wonders: Mundo Expansion (New Arrival)

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Manufacturer: Arcane Wonders Games

The greatest leaders from the ancient world are ready to pay all the gold they had to built the most glorious city of all times.

The Mundo Wonders Pack for World Wonders offers up new Monuments (Stonehenge, Great Sphinx of Giza, Himeji Castle, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Gate of All Nations, Arch of Ctesiphon, Colossus of Rhodes, Olmec Colossal Heads, Terracotta Army) as well as the all new Mundo game mode adding new ways to score with your Monuments!

Wooden Monuments
  ‣ 1 Stonehenge
  ‣ 1 Great Sphinx of Giza
  ‣ 1 Himeji Castle
  ‣ 1 Hanging Gardens of Babylon
  ‣ 1 Gate of All Nations
  ‣ 1 Arch of Ctesiphon
  ‣ 1 Colossus of Rhodes
  ‣ 2 Olmec Colossal Heads
  ‣ 4 Terracotta Army
18 Cards

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 50-70 minutes

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of World Wonders is required to play.


• Action Points
• Grid Coverage
• Loans
• Open Drafting
• Square Grid
• Tile Placement