Malifaux 3E: Ten Thunders - Lords of War

Malifaux 3E: Ten Thunders - Lords of War (Preorder)

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32mm Scale
Keyword: Ten Thunders Versatile

Fuhatsu Katanaka was once a respected Japanese warrior. The very sight of his massive form rallied those who were honor bound to serve him and struck fear in his enemies.

Then, in 1902, a Guild sniper put a bullet in Fuhatsu's head. His loyal retainers used their Soulstones to heal his wound, but the bullet in his skull interfered with the process. He survived the incident, but was never quite the same. Gone was his charisma and tactical acumen, replaced with a fondness for screaming and a dislike for pants. The Katanaka family arranged for Fuhatsu to be transferred to Malifaux, where his reputation could still be of use.

1 Fuhatsu
3 Ten Thunders Brothers

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


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