WarLock Tiles: Dungeon Dressings

WarLock Tiles: Dungeon Dressings (New Arrival)

Product #WZK16505

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Manufacturer: WizKids/NECA

Dungeon Dressings brings your dream dungeon to life. This set of decorative items includes boulders, beds, an altar, and more! Will you create an elegant vampire's lair or maybe a dangerous maze? Design your next adventure!

Key Features
‣ Treasure chest opens and closes
‣ Expansive variety of items to add to your scenes
‣ Extraordinary definition
‣ Fantastic value
‣ Barrel includes swappable contents (liquid and solid lid options)
‣ Works with existing WizKids products

4 Chairs
2 Round Tables
3 Crates
1 Bed
1 Throne
2 Treasure Chests
1 Boulder
2 Stools
1 Cheval de Frise
2 Benches
1 Pile of Rubble
1 Keg
1 Treasure Pile
1 Generic Statue
1 Altar
4 Barrels
1 Long Table
2 Pit Traps

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Great value and instant game enhancer
Great value and looks great on the table!
Warlock Tiles bring your games to life in 3d for a fraction of the cost of Dwarven Forge. The clips are a little rough on fingers, but nowhere near as bad as some Dwarven Forge fanboys or whiny little babies are crying about. Plus, once clipped together you can carry your builds around with ease to move to the table whenever you need.
These tiles are a great value for the money. I bought the entire set, and I'll keep buying new sets as they arrive.
Game Play
Review by Grimmshade on 7/29/2020
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