WarLock Tiles: Town & Village

WarLock Tiles: Town & Village (New Arrival)

Product #WZK16506

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Manufacturer: WizKids/NECA

With Town & Village, you'll have everything you need for a town or countryside adventure scenario. Mix and match with other WarLock Tiles for even larger adventure setups.

Key Features
‣ Take your tiles for a spin in the country with plaster and timber walls
‣ Integrates with WarLock floor tiles for a seamless easy-connect experience
‣ Pre-painted
‣ Expansive variety of items to add to your scenes
‣ Works with existing WizKids products

24 WarLock Tiles (2"x2")
4 Plaster Walls, 2"
4 Plaster Walls with Half Window, 2"
4 Plaster Walls with Cracked Wall, 2"
4 Plaster Exterior Wall Doors, 2"
4 Plaster Exterior Wall Doors, 1"
15 Plaster Interior Walls, 2"
5 Plaster Interior Doors
8 Wood Corner Pillars
5 Plaster Walls Inside Corner
5 Plaster Walls Outside Corner
20 Wood Beam Edge Caps
90 WarLock Clips
8 OpenLOCK Clips

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Great value and instant game enhancer
Great value at a fraction of the cost of Dwarven Forge. I always wanted to add more 3d elements too my tabletop games, but the price of Dwarven Forge was just too much. Enter Warlock Tiles! They make my game look great, and don't cost a fortune. Also, don't listen to the whiny little babies. The clips are a little rough on the fingers until you get used to them, but once clipped together you can carry your build around with ease!
If you've ever wanted to add more 3d to your games but found the answer too pricey, give these a try!
Game Play
Review by Grimmshade on 7/29/2020
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