D&D: Attack Wing - Stone Giant Elder Expansion Pack

D&D Attack Wing: Stone Giant Elder Expansion Pack

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Manufacturer: WizKids/NECA

Wave 4 Expansion Pack

Expand and Upgrade Your Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing Game!

Stone giants are known for their mastery at hurling massive rocks across mighty distances, and Ancoram the stone giant elder is no exception. His deft hands can launch rocks at his foes with blinding speed, slamming his enemies hard and disrupting their plans. Ancoram also knows a thing or two about sorcery, including a way to transform his skin into pure stone, which pleases him greatly.

When he built the stone anchor that holds the Chainspire in the ground, as well as the capstone at the other end of the Chainspire, Ancoram requested that his masters place him in a state of suspended animation so that he could prove himself to his creations would stand the test of time. But now he has awakened to discover that intruders have entered the palace, and so he must do what he can to safeguard the palace's inner mechanisms, or else his powerful creations might fall into the hands of his masters' enemies.

1 Adventure Booklet
  ‣ The Whispering Gate
1 Painted Plastic Figure
  ‣ Ancoram / Stone Giant
1 Transparent Plastic Base with Plastic Connector
1 Creature Token
1 Maneuver Dial
3 Action Tokens
  ‣ 1 Charge Token
  ‣ 1 Target Token
  ‣ 1 Concentrate Token
2 Effect Tokens
4 Duration Tokens
3 Disabled Upgrade Tokens
2 Armor Tokens
1 Exhaustion Token
1 Critical Hit Token
1 No Attack Token
1 Pivot Token
1 Archway Token
1 Shadowfell Token
2 Creature Cards
  ‣ Ancoram
  ‣ Stone Giant Hurler
1 Maneuver Card
  ‣ Ground
6 Upgrade Cards
  ‣ Awesome Blow
  ‣ Direct Hit
  ‣ Rock Catching
  ‣ Slammed
  ‣ Stone Bracers
  ‣ Stoneskin
1 Campaign Artifact Card
  ‣ Ring of Freedom Movement

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing: Starter Set is required to play.