D&D Icons of the Realms Miniatures: Rage of Demons - White Dracolich Premium Figure

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In Rage of Demons, demon lords are invading the Underdark, a deadly subterranean realm inhabited by the most dangerous monsters of D&D lore. The demon lords have begun to conquer regions of the Underdark and threaten to emerge on the surface. If successful they will bring their personal flavor of madness to Faerun.

Will they succeed in their quest? Or will you help thwart the rise of the demon lords?

1 White Dracolich Premium Figure

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Best Huge Dragon in the Icons of the Realms line
The white dracolich is a step up for the wizkids icons of the realms line. The detail is amazing. You can almost smell its flesh rotting. The pose is fearsome, like its swooping down to destroy. My pc minis jumped off the table in fright. The only thing I found strange was that wizkids didn't choose a huge demon i.e. one of the demon lords, for the "Rage of Demons" set.
Game Play
Review by Don on 9/20/2015