D&D: Monster Menagerie 2 - Booster Case

D&D Icons of the Realms Miniatures: Monster Menagerie 2 - Booster Case (32)

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Manufacturer: WizKids/NECA

Monster Menagerie 2 brings you a vast array of 44 all-new sculpts representing challenges for your heroes to overcome, and allies to fight by your side.

Learn the secret of the sphinxes from the Androsphinx as it tests your courage and valor. Or face the Mind Flayer, the scourge of sentient creatures across the Forgotten Realms. Or stand toe to toe with the powerful Iron Golem, knowing no ambitions, needing no sustenance, feeling no pain, and having no remorse.

Will your heroes rise to the challenge?

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Very Happy
I was very pleased upon the arrival of my case. I actually bought the pre-order version that included the promo set, 'Adventurer's Camp'. I received at least one of every model, except of course for the invisibles, which I didn't much care for anyways. One of my invisible minis (the tiefling) had an arm broken off, but it was an easy fix with some super-glue and you cannot tell the difference. Some of the flying models don't fit properly on their stands, so they can fall off quite easily when moving them around. I was happy that many of the minis were of medium size. I couldn't imagine how I would transport many dragons or giants to my games. As expected, I received 6-7 of each of the common miniatures such as goblins and orcs, which is very useful. The quality and paint job of the miniatures is quite good; better than what I expected. Miniature Market's pricing is unbeatable of course. I'm very happy overall, although perhaps for my next purchase I will pick and choose as opposed to buying a full case. There are some models that I don't imagine I will have much use for. The planetar angels, in particular, I received four of; and they don't quite fit the tone of the games that I tend to run.
Game Play
Review by David on 1/17/2017