D&D Miniatures: Waterdeep Dragon Heist - Premium Figure

D&D Icons of the Realms Miniatures: Waterdeep Dragon Heist - City of the Dead Statues & Monuments

Product #WZK73112

20+ In stock

Manufacturer: WizKids/NECA

1 Doomed Man Statue
1 The Beseecher Statue
1 Deva Statue
1 Elf & Skull Statue
4 Sarcophagus B
1 Sarcophagus A
1 Dwarf & Death Statue
1 Cloaked Man Statue
1 Weeping Woman Statue

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Overall, I really like this set. It should get good use in my Pathfinder and D&D campaigns.
This set is impressive for practically ANY cemetery setting. I bought two sets for use in a larger combat scenarios. Great sculpts for each mini. Some of them add an atmosphere of sorrow for the departed. I felt for how easy it was for WizKids to paint this set, it should have been set at a lower price point, say about $35. Of course they could have added more simple tombstones and grave markers and left the MSRP where it is.
Game Play
Review by Bill the Thrill on 11/21/2018
Bad quality
I was expecting a better product being wizkids.
The render in the picture in the box shows and implies a much better defined/quality mini. however, upon opening the minis look terrible really.
I would've expected a product of this quality to be at most $20
Game Play
Review by Genie2k on 9/11/2018