Pathfinder Deep Cuts Unpainted Minis: W11 Gargantuan Skeletal Dragon

Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts Unpainted Miniatures: W11 Gargantuan Skeletal Dragon

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Manufacturer: WizKids/NECA

Wave 11

These highly detailed plastic miniatures are pre-primed with Acrylicos Vallejo primer.

• Little to no assembly required
• Primed and ready to paint
• Some miniatures include translucent parts

1 Gargantuan Skeletal Dragon


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Meh... The Skeletal Dragon
This is a very big mini. This has literally been the most expensive mini I have purchased to date, and also with the ‘Rona this is the first miniature I’ve waited so long for (three months). However when I got it, I was a little let down. While excited, I felt let down nonetheless. While huge, it does feel very “cheap” and is a bit underwhelming after the nostalgia wore off. In terms of painting it, it turned out to be way more boring than anticipated because the sculpt is so plain... I did what I could adding flourishes with green stuff, but for the price I paid, from my perspective, that should not have been the case. But it is really big!
Game Play
Review by Lord Pants on 6/11/2020
Not the best of the Deep Cuts Series by a long shot.
This is a VERY large miniature and is no where near the quality of the other dragons in this series. I am very concerned about the joints holding up through even very normal, gentle gameplay. The Deep Cuts series has been overall above average but this one is def not.
Game Play
Review by Samuel on 6/4/2020
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