Zen Bins: Dice and Game Storage - Lid/Base Pack (Clear)

Zen Bins: Dice & Game Storage - Lid/Base Pack (Clear)

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Manufacturer: Zen Bins

Collectible Dice and Game Storage (CDGS) solution for use with Dice Masters and Quarriors sized dice (13.5mm). The Zen Bins Transparent Clear Lid/Base Combo pack can be used stand alone or combined with a 3-pack or more of Zen Bins Trays. The lid must be at the top of the stack and the base at the bottom. You can add as many trays in between as you like.

The Base will hold your Dice Bags, D20s, Life Counters, Dice and/or Cards, etc...and the lid will cap it all off!

Base Specs:

Center Bin Area - 5.00" x 4.00" x 1.4" Deep

Side Storage Areas Multi-Use Options:

- Full Dice: 2 stacked layers with 45 Dice per side (90 Total Dice)

- Full Cards: .75" Deep for Cards (approximately 65 unsleeved cards per side

- Half Dice Half Cards: 25 Dice per side (50 Total Dice) with 0.375" Deep for Cards (approximately 40 unsleeved cards per side)

Made in the USA

1 Lid
1 Base