Sails of Glory: Diana 1792 / Proserpina 1797

Sails of Glory: Diana 1792 / Proserpina 1797

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The Diana was one of the six Mahonesas-class frigates built at the Mahon shipyard in Minorca, based on French and British construction techniques and improving upon them - She was the fastest ship of her class. It participated in the evacuation of the Spanish forces at the Siege of Roses during the French Revolutionary Wars. On 13 October 1796, she was captured after an action against HMS Terpsichore at the Strait of Gibraltar, nearby Cape Gata.

This ship pack can also be used to represent the Spanish Mahonesa class frigate "Proserpina 1797".

One 1/1000 Scale Model
Special Base with Game Stats
1 Ship Log
1 Ship Card
Maneuver Cards

Each Sails of Glory Ship Pack is a ready-to-play model, painted and assembled, 100% compatible with any other Sails of Glory game product.

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Sails of Glory: Starter Set is required to play.