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Product Review (submitted on October 17, 2015):
I must preface my review with I have only played Coup with my daughter (8) head to head. I have yet to play it with more players or even another adult, which may change my opinion.

The game looks really nice and the character powers are interesting and varied, with the exception of the ambassador who's only power is to draw 2 more cards and discard him (effectively losing a turn doing so in the hope of drawing a useful character).

In the two player variant, being able to chose a character is interesting and offers the only real skill in the game. Getting your second card at random will likely decide the winner, as the mix of cards effectively determines who will perform their first 'coup' or assassination.. You can still bluff, so there is some skill/strategy, but games are usually over in 2-3 minutes and determined by the cards you have.

My daughter loves the game even 2-player, but for me there just isn't anything to warrant getting it out of the box even as a time filler. If I haven't got time to play King of Tokyo then I probably don't have a long enough span of time to 'need' to fill, I'd rather ask everyone how their day has been.
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