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Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Super Mutants Core Box

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Super Mutants Core Box

Product Review (submitted on March 18, 2019):
The two Mutant Hounds and three of the Super Mutants are resin versions of figures already included in the Starter Kit, but if you're going to play in a Fallout setting (whether using Wasteland Warfare, or you're running a Fallout-inspired RPG scenario), you can never have too many mutants! Details are sharp, and assembly of the multi-part resins is pretty straightforward. Pinning helps, but isn't strictly necessary.

The standard instructions to wash resins in soap and water before painting are well-advised here: I was impatient and went straight to base-coating with primer, but the primer flaked off in some of the recessed areas where it seems that there was still some mold release. After cleaning more properly, I didn't have any further trouble.

I did have trouble with the resin figures with sledgehammers and nail boards. Both of these weapons will warp considerably, and although dunking in hot water can help straighten somewhat, it's not a complete fix, and those same weapons break easily. I ended up replacing the handles of the sledgehammers with wire (a standard small paperclip is perfect for this), and weapon-swapping the nail boards with some more generic "junk weapons" from my "bitz" collection.

The figures paint up nicely, with a lot of subtle details that don't show up quite as sharply on the PVC versions of the models from the Starter Kit.

The textured bases add a lot of character to the figures. While I think the bases are excessively large for the normal-sized human characters, they're about right in this case to support the large super-mutant figures, especially with their dynamic poses (charging, swinging hammers, etc.).

Gameplay-wise, the super mutants are pretty straightforward to play. With the low Perception of the Super-Mutants, they're not well-suited to playing defense by preparing actions to wait for the enemy to come to them -- rather, they're made for charging headlong into battle, using Battle Cry to disrupt the other side's preparations. The Mutant Hounds are fast and hard-hitting, but go down quickly, fitting the role of "shock troops" to soften up the enemy ranks before the mutants charge in.
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