RDTN 145: Nothin' But a Good Time

Rolling Dice and Taking Names

Posted by Rolling Dice and Taking Names on Jun 1, 2018

After our report on Council of 4, we decided that the Scurry Reporters needed to come back and help us with our comments on CMON’s newest release Way of the Panda. Prepare yourself, their isn’t a Grumpy Tony in this review...

I am sure you are surprised by this, but this one was well received by the group. But we need to caution you, don’t let the Pandas on the cover mislead you into thinking this is a cutesy game. This is a thinker and euro out the gate. You could have anything on this board and achieve the same result in my opinion. Hope to have this one back on the table soon.

Then it is time for High Society by Osprey Games and there are differing opinions on this one. Yes, this is a classic that is being remade, so obviously it has something going for it. But did it need an update. The artwork is incredible, compared to past remakes, and the production is top notch, so if you like bidding games, then this remake might be the thing for you.

Thanks for listening, giving comments over on the BGG guild and posting the reviews, we really do appreciate the support.

And a big congrats to Nate for the addition of the new little meeple in his life.

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Featured Games:
The Mind - 0:18:44
Flamme Rouge - 0:23:52
Magic Maze - 0:24:46
High Society - 0:27:16
Way of the Panda - 0:32:45
Zen Bins - 1:07:31