RDTN 141: Fantasy Island

Rolling Dice and Taking Names

Posted by Rolling Dice and Taking Names on Apr 5, 2018

We know that Mr. Jacobson and Mr. Daviau are making their rounds to talk about Fireball Island: Curse of who we can’t say until it is funded. And we didn’t want to be left out of the media blitz...

Hopefully, our sit down with them will be informative and help you decide on how much money you are willing to drop on this classic. If anything, be sure to check out our questions at the end where Rob’s true personality shows up.

Our games in this episode include the classic Middle Earth Quest (MEQ) by Fantasy Flight and Flamme Rouge by Stronghold Games. Don’t have a lot to say about MEQ other than I am glad I got to experience the game. The length of the game would make it hard to get to the table, but would play it anytime. Flamme Rouge will be a game we get on the table a bunch in the future. So fast and easy to play and teach. The only downside is setting up the track each time, but once that is done, you could easily do a best of 3 racing series in under an hour. Understand that people have been raving about this one for some time and wish we had been right there with them. You will be hearing about this again when we get the expansion to the table.
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Featured Games:
Charterstone - 0:13:13
Funky Chicken / Monster Match - 0:21:05
Flamme Rouge - 0:32:10
Dinosaur Tea Party - 1:20:06
Downforce: Danger Circuit Expansion - 1:26:24