D&D Adventure System Board Game: Tomb of Annihilation (Standard)

D&D Adventure System Board Game: Tomb of Annihilation (Standard)

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Tomb of Annihilation Playthrough
Painting Tomb of Annihilation
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In the Tomb of Annihilation board game, you play a heroic adventurer. With amazing abilities, spells, and magic weapons, you must explore the primeval jungles of Chult, as well as the Tomb of the Nine Gods, where you will fight monsters, overcome traps and find treasure. Are you ready for adventure?

40 Illustrated, Interlocking Tiles
42 Plastic Heroes, Monsters & Villains
Adventure Book
225 Hero, Encounter, Monster, Trap, and Treasure Cards
302 Markers and Tokens
1 Twenty-sided Die

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 60 minutes

• Cooperative Game
• Grid Movement

• Role Playing
• Variable Player Powers